Saturday, September 23, 2023


Who We Are

Rights Action Philippines is a multi-sectoral organization formed in February 2019 that aims to promote, protect and fight for the welfare of the consumers. As a consumer advocacy organization, we will prioritize gut issues that affect directly the rights of mostly ordinary Filipinos, especially their rights to better education, improved transportation, affordable housing, fuel and cheaper basic goods and services, efficient & corruption-free bureaucracy and clean environment.

Rights Action Philippines or RAP was duly approved by the Commission in accordance with the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 11232) with Company Registration No. 2021070019163-00 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 09, 2021.

Our Vision

Rights Action Philippines (RAP) shall be a leading special interest group in the Philippines that protects and advances Consumer Rights while advocating Freedom of Choice.

Our Mission

We are committed to protecting and preserving the interests of consumers against unsafe products and services, unfair and deceptive business practices, and public policies that infringe on our freedom to choose.

We will achieve our mission by:
1) Providing and sharing relevant information to educate consumers.
2) Engaging in public discussions that impact the welfare of consumers.
3) Establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals.
4) Utilizing our communications assets to reach as many consumers as possible.
5) Conducting policy-relevant surveys and research.
6) Conducting activities (e.g. protest action) to protect consumer rights. 7) Improving the lives of consumers by changing the marketplace through advocacy.

Our Goals

To establish a multi-sectoral network that will help with the promotion of consumer rights.

To ultimately become one of the leading voices in consumer issues, campaigns, advocacies and public policies/legislations.

To develop and utilize various media and form of communication in promoting the advocacy on consumerism and people’s basic rights.